KeyStone is a multi-module, interactive knowledge sharing programme in which our Experts pass on their practical knowledge gained in business services to those interested in the sector.

The goal of the programme is to provide participants a complete and comprehensive guide to develop their careers in the sector.

Who is our knowledge sharing programme dedicated to?

the knowledge sharing programme

  • Students and fresh graduates
  • Career changers
  • Entry-level professionals with 0-2 years of experience in the sector

Compass to the world of

Business Service Centres

  • You’ll receive practical, instantly applicable knowledge first-hand
  • Career opportunity – you’ll get to know about the career-and professional development opportunities that suit you the best
  • You’ll learn the true meaning behind the positions offered in distinct service centres

Why Should You Apply?


Did you know?

  • Current research estimates that there are more than 200 active service centres in Hungary
  • The sector employs approximately 75 000 people
  • Service centres can be found in Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Székesfehérvár, Pécs, Győr, Miskolc and various other locations in the country
  • 57% of service centres provide services to their clients in at least 8 different languages
  • The majority of service centres are multicultural, multinational companies

About The Programme

KeyStone is a wholly unique initiative in Hungary which provides guidance when it comes to business services and career development. Its motto, “Uncover your hidden potential!” signifies that the knowledge gained through the programme will provide participants valuable insights into the sector, which they can use to discover their ideal job.

KeyStone is an interactive knowledge sharing programme currently composed of 10 distinct modules, in which our Experts pass on their practical knowledge gained in business services to those interested in the sector.

The entire KeyStone programme is an experience that gives those interested in the sector a competitive edge in the job market.

The programme is available in Hungarian and English.


The “SELL YOURSELF” module serves as a general guide towards improving career development skills (such as writing CVs, job search tips) crucial to the sector. It also provides insight into the various types of interviews and scenarios jobseekers may encounter when applying to opportunities within business services.

The total duration of the module is approximately 2,5 hours.

The "IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT" module helps navigate the ever-expanding Informatics (IT)-related positions in service centers, by reviewing how an IT organization works, what services it offers, and how diverse the opportunities are for employees (including career starters and career changers), not only for people with IT expertise.

The total duration of the module is approximately 4 hours.

The “DIGITAL AWARENESS” module provides guidance in relation to the digital- and RPA tools and solutions used in service centres and their effect on primary business processes.

The total duration of the module is approximately 3 hours.

The “LEAN AWARENESS” module aims to help understand and apply LEAN concepts related to service centres’ processes in practice.

The total duration of the module is approximately 2 hours.

The “HR” module imparts knowledge in relation to the primary HR processes found in service centres, such as payroll preparation, compensation and benefits management, handling customer service processes, employee data maintenance, and recruitment process management.

The total duration of the module is approximately 4 hours.

The “SOURCE TO PAY” module helps understand the entirety of the end-to-end process starting with corporate sourcing and ending with supplier payment. Attendees will gain insight into procurement processes, supplier selection, and will also better understand general contracting procedures and the importance of a sound logistical background.

The total duration of the module is approximately 4 hours.

The “COMMERCIAL” module encompasses the commercial processes that can be found in service centres, which contain areas such as complex master data management, order processing, sales support, and customer service.

The total duration of the module is approximately 3,5 hours.

The “FINANCE” module shines light on the interrelations between individual finance processes, such as accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable and credit management (AR), and general accounting (GL) processes.

The total duration of the module is approximately 6 hours.

The “COMPLIANCE” module focuses on the interrelationships between main corporate policies, rules, regulations, and their importance.

The total duration of the module is approximately 2,5 hours.

The "COMPASS TO THE WORLD OF SHARED SERVICES & ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE" module serves as a compass to attendees about the world of service centres, and acts as a “survival guide” to working in the sector.

The total duration of the module is approximately 4 hours.

For students, fresh graduates, and professionals possessing 0-2 years of experience

For career changers

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A „Translation Tool”, which

helps understand the functioning, processes, and jargon of service centres

helps recognise the real meaning and “contents” behind prospective job opportunities

and perhaps most importantly, it will help you discover your “superpowers” (because yes, you DO possess some kind of superpower!), with which you can do really well in your new career!


Creator of the Programme

Monika Slomska

Executive consultant possessing more than two decades of leadership experience, founder and managing director of Knowledge Pyramid Ltd., President of the Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association. During her career, she has been involved in the setup and management of several service centres. Her favourite professional areas are change management and setting up service centres from scratch.

Who Do We Recommend Our Programme To?

KeyStone is a programme for all types of learners, with a special focus on students, fresh graduates, entry level employees and career changers.

Professionals with 0-2 years of experience

Fresh Graduates


  • Provides guidance related to available opportunities based on their educational background
  • Shows real examples of attainable opportunities related to their background
  • Explains the differences between the positions found in service centres

Career Changers

  • It brings their attention to exciting, well-paying, previously unknown job opportunities
  • It explains what jobs their qualifications and experience make them suitable for
  • It provides them a foundation, thanks to which they will not run into surprises in relation to service centres or the job itself


Let’s take a recently graduated jobseeker or employee as an example, who, although possesses adequate professional qualifications, lacks insight or proper information related to the sector. As a result, this person applies for positions that do not suit him / her, which will not yield him / her a long-term career opportunity.

Let’s take a student pursuing Slavic studies as an example, who, for some reason wishes to find a job outside of her field during her university studies or after graduation. In the absence of proper information, this jobseeker may avoid perfectly fitting job opportunities present in service centres. There are jobs in service centres, where even in the absence of an economics or business degree, jobseekers can enter a completely different field, such as finance, with the appropriate language skills.



Our Instructors











  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Analysis
  • Administration
  • Customer service
  • IT support

If You Still Hesitate

  • You will find out about the job opportunities that best suit you
  • We will help in relation to career guidance and career planning
  • We will indirectly support and accelerate your on-the-job learning process
  • We will pass on practical, instantly applicable knowledge first-hand

During the course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding about the primary functions of service centres.

The curriculum of the programme is based on more than two decades of practical, on-the-job work experience accumulated in service centres.

You need to know the following in relation to working in the sector:

  • Language skills are important, as you will be working together with foreign nationals on a daily basis!
  • Not all positions require a degree or diploma!

Based on your educational background and personal fit, you could work in the following areas:


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